Introducing The Patented...

Foolproof Fuse Tester

This new innovation is a quick and decisive way of testing fuses. The FFT overcomes the main problem associated with most fuse testers by featuring two indicators, one indicator to signal a faulty fuse and another to give the all clear.

The object of my fuse tester is to provide a small handheld device that a person with little or no electrical experience can use to quickly test a household ceramic fuse and provide a visual indication as to whether the fuse is good or blown, my device features two LED's, a red LED to indicate a blown fuse and a green LED to indicate a good fuse.

I have full details available in the form of a brochure if anyone would like to fully evaluate my tester. Despite several knockbacks I am convinced that this product would do very well if it ever reached the shops, as a promotional give-away or retail sales or a combination of the two.


Download The Foolproof Fuse Tester Brochure

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